Sunday, December 17, 2017

How I Got a Car Loan with Bad Credit

This is where I got my car loan,

Today, I want to discuss with you about my car loan experience.

Just recently I bought a new car, but I had trouble financing it. The dealership ended up declining my loan because of my credit history. A few years ago, I was in over my head with credit cards. I maxed out all my credit cards and I couldn’t pay for them. As you can imagine, my credit was in really bad shape.

I was ignorant in thinking that I could get financed either way. I had friends that had worst credit than me, but they were able to get financing for a new car. So, I went online and started to do research and I came across this website.

I found a website that specializes in bad credit auto loans. This website was completely different than the lenders that the dealerships use. They end up only using a few local lenders and have special financing through the manufacturer. This website uses a network of lenders across the nation that specializes with individuals that have really bad credit.

Of course, I was skeptical, but I tried it anyways. So, I filled out a really simple form and within minutes I got more than 4 lenders that would finance me immediately for a new car.

I was so happy. I got to purchase the car I initially wanted.

bad credit car loans
bad credit auto loans
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