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How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft | @AmFam®

how-to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft | @AmFam®

Check out just how simple steps will protect you from identity theft and visit for information regarding United states Family Insurance’s Identity Theft coverage.

Countless businesses are hawking techniques to keep your identification secure from fraud. But Julia Scott teaches you why the very best — as well as perhaps the lowest priced — way to protect yourself is a credit frost and how you can easily organize one.

What is the best way to prevent credit card fraud? It isn’t everything you believe

Forget hours of shredding mountains of report and fears about mailing letters from your own – gasp – mailbox.

So what’s my key?


Perhaps not virtually, silly. Why is, contact the three significant credit card bureaus.

Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

You can put a freeze on your credit online, over the telephone, or by snail mail. It is quite simple.

Therefore just costs -, based what state you live in. That is a lot cheaper than monthly credit monitoring, that can be to MONTHLY.

Hmm, run that by me personally once more.

Today, if you have had your id stolen, odds are freezeing your credit is FREE

What exactly’s so excellent about that? Once you freeze your credit, the three bureaus can not legally release your information to ANYONE without express authorization.

So scammers that attempt to start credit or take out a loan in your name? Blam! No dice.

Keep in mind to place the freeze on whatsoever THREE bureaus, or thieves may find a loophole.

Of course, if you should be about to take-out a car loan or mortgage, you will have to unfreeze your credit.

For, I’m Julia Scott
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