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Image from page 135 of “The blue and white [serial]” (1922)
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Identifier: bluewhiteserial13ashe
Title: The blue and white [serial]
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Writers: Asheville School (Asheville, N.C.)
Subjects: Asheville School (Asheville, N.C.) Private schools School yearbooks
Publisher: Asheville, N.C. : The Senior Course
Adding Library: University Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Digitizing Sponsor: North Carolina Digital History Center

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Text Appearing Before Image:
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Text Appearing After-image:
+—. . + Compliments ofthe GLASS OF 1925 +-———• i Exclusive Ready-to-Wear for Men, Womenand kids Mens and teenage Mens Lounging and Dress clothing,Furnishings and Haberdashery associated with Better Kind. Golf and Hunting Togs, Hiking and Camping Clothes,Sweaters, footwear, etc. Fishin tackle thats complement fishin. Total lines ofBaseball, Football, and Tennis Goods. 11 Patton Avenue Asheville, N. C. George W. Langford Company General Contractors PRINCIPAL WORKPLACE AT Louisville, Kentucky inside funding and erecting of office buildings,hotels also sound building propositions _ourfinancial contacts have the ability becoming ofconsiderable solution to owners by firmly taking bonds inpayment of a large part of the contract cost. Ourconstruction business is unexcelled CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED Compliments ofGEO. B. MATTHEWS & SONSNew Orleans, La. LACKNER, BUTZ & Company Mortgage Investments Bank Floor, Conway Building111 W. Washington St.Chicago Illinois Municipal Bonds ARE ABSOLUTELY FRE

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