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Image from web page 44 of “Africa and its residents” (1899)
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Identifier: africaitsinhabit02recl
Title: Africa and its particular inhabitants
Year: 1899 (1890s)
Authors: Reclus, Elisée, 1830-1905 Keane, A. H. (Augustus Henry), 1833-1912
Topics: Ethnology
Publisher: London : J.S. Virtue
Adding Library: University of California Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Internet Archive

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Text Appearing Before Image:
many years made by the emigrants and those engagedin the whale fisheries. Thousands have already seen Portugal, Brazil, theWest Indies, the Sandwich isles, while the Arctic Seas, with no various other insularpopulation probably contains so huge a proportion of men who have made the I>:nABITANTS OF AZOEES. 31 trip around the globe. Amongst the rural courses marriage is nearly always an affairof pure convenience and interest. Several traces nonetheless survive of the formerseclusion of the women, obvious when you look at the building of the homes and especiallvin the outfit. Enveloped in their huge hooded cloaks, the Azorian ladies seemto flit about like phantoms. Several hoods are nevertheless so contrived regarding meetin front side, making just a narrow orifice the wearer ^nth which to see withoutbeing seen. When you look at the region of San Miguel the partner, whenever having to pay a visit or goingto size, might not stroll because of the part of her spouse, just who struts majestically several Fijj. 12.—WoiiEx OP Deadly axd Sax-Miguzl. S-W-jJ.JV .J

Text Appearing After Image:
paces in the front. Formerly the feamales in the cities cannot also go abroad tomake their particular expenditures, but needed to do-all their shopping in the home, never ever leaving thefemale flats except to visit the church. At method of a person it waseven etiquette to make towards the wall to avoid a profane glance. The people increases rapidly by all-natural overabundance births across death,families becoming very nimierous, while the death-rate amongst kids relativelyextremely reduced. At precisely the same time the success also associated with the weaker offspring tendsapparently to bring about an over-all degradation for the battle, and guys are no 32 ^EST AFRICA. I longer seen in the archipelago anyway much like the sturdy peasantry of NorthPortugal. Epidemics occasionally use, together with old chroniclers discuss about it pestilence, which in combo aided by the Moorish corsairs set waste the risingsettlements. At the moment gastric and tj-phoid fevers are endemic, although theirnridencc is a lot reduced because of the topogr

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