Thursday, December 14, 2017

Poor Credit Auto Loans

Virtually everyone wants a new car but a bad credit record and lack of resources can put a damper on those plans or desires. Primarily because there is a misconception that people with a bad credit are frowned upon by finance companies but the opposite is true. Poor credit auto loans are created for these high risk borrowers and these loans are easily accessable.

The two man types of poor credit auto loans are:

Unsecured poor credit auto loan – A smaller loan of amount and higher rate of interest and with reduced repayment time is likely with this loan but no collateral is necessary. If you are looking for a smaller finance amount and reduced repayment terms then this probably would be a better choice for you.

Secured poor credit auto loans – To obtain this type of loan you need to pledge some collateral. A greater amount at comparatively lower rate of interest and with longer repayment time is more likely to obtain this type of loan . But if you can’t make timely repayments the lender has the right or power to forfeit the collateral.

Based on your timely repayments , you can improve your credit ratings, so that’s a plus. Now because of your bad credit history the interest rate on both the unsecured and secured poor credit auto loan is normally a bit higher. But you it is still an advantageous situation because now you have the ability to buy the car you want and improve your credit by making payments on time.

Poor credit auto loans are readily available on the internet the internet is simply an excellent tool to access loans at reasonable interest rates. Easy and fast access to loan information is available via the internet because many lenders have an online presence. You can easily search the many lenders and compare their interest rates and repayment terms and choose the best lender for your specific needs.The online application process can also be much faster. You should check the legitimacy of the company before you apply for a loan from an online company. Poor credit auto loans can be attained through banks, credit unions and dealerships as well if you’re uncomfortable with the online process.

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